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“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” – Emory Austin

I’m a pro crafter, mum maker; I was in the wedding | hospitality industry for nearly 25 yrs, love to refurbish old things ~ at least try to b/c I fail a lot ~, and a (resistant) empath.

I haven't always been quite so sensitive, but an accident in February 2012 left me with a TBI that changed me cognitively and it wasn't addressed until November of that year. That was the start of many unfortunate physical, but mainly emotional and

traumatic occurrences from then until 2018.

Our family consists of: My husband Jason, Me, Tabi - (23 & doesn't live at home), Zach - (22 & is in college, stays mostly w/his Mom when he's not), Alexa - 17, and our youngest Ashley - (16 & we have shared custody w/ her Mother)

The family is important in the "dog search project", but we are trying to find my next PTSD service dog. So we have to be particular about some things. My best friend, first service dog (a GSD/ Golden mix) who my husband surprised me with from a reputable breeder, was wonderful! She was my baby! She wasn't here with us long enough. I didn't realize how much she really did do for me. I had no idea how devastated I would be when she was gone. Not just family and neighbors have mourned also. I have tried taking a walk alone. Neighbors saw me and looking confused, asked me where my Pumpkyn was. When I told them in as simple & short terms as I could so I wouldn't break down, I noticed a few of them would well-up. My neighbor even cried.

She was well loved even though she was the utmost respectable professional.

This time, I think we may be looking for a Golden or Golden Mix. I don't think I could handle having a dog like Pumpkyn. Poor thing Just couldn't compare.

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