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The Texas Animal Society (formerly the Montgomery County Animal Society) originated in 2011 to promote and advocate for our local animal shelter. Throughout the years, we've continued our mission to rescue animals and find the homes they need, while also promoting the health and welfare of pets in the Montgomery County area.


After seven years of expanding our vision and educating the community about rescuing and adopting animals, the Texas Animal Society is now able to work through a network of fosters to rehabilitate sick, injured and abandoned animals. We provide veterinary care and find each animal a loving home. We also reach out and assist with other facilities in a unified quest to care for all pets in need from the local shelter and beyond.


Through involvement, education, volunteering and fostering, we give voices to our cats and dogs. We work with individuals, county facilities, local communities and other rescues to achieve our ultimate goal of providing quality care and longevity for the animals in our community.


We partner with retailers such as Petco, which allows us to host adoption events where our animals can be seen. Our impassioned volunteers are dedicated to saving the lives of the animals in our care, and work solely on private donations. Our ability to succeed is only made possible by our generous donors. Together, we will continue to evolve our mission, and seek humane environments for animals and people alike.

Please consider donating, or joining our foster/volunteer team.

Board Members:

Sue Probst - President

Susan Chippi - Treasurer

Deana Love - Executive Advisor

Minda Harris - Board Member Emeritus

Other Key Members:

Kendra Smith - Cat Condo Coordinator and Volunteer/Foster Contact

Beth Johnson - Intake and Data Coordinator

Ava Hinson - Microchip Management and Email Administrator

Chrissy Eaton - Email Volunteer


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