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2015 Financials

Texas Animal Society is working to wrap up the 2015 fiscal year. We wanted to give you some updates on the financial data.

As you know, TAS was removed as the Official charity of the Montgomery County Animal Shelter as of May 1st 2015. Although it has been rough and challenging at times, we have stayed focus on our mission that we have believed in from conception, animal advocates of humane care and welfare. Armed with this deep belief, together with the community, we will make a difference in Rescue, Educate and Adopt. 

In the year 2015, Texas Animal Society assisted, vetted, rescued and/or provided adoptable dogs/cats for loving forever homes just shy of 500 dogs/cats. 

From May to December we rescued over 385 animals (most of whom were Montgomery County Animal Shelter animals) and spent over $107,000 in veterinary costs at an average per animal of $280. 

TAS adoption fee’s do not begin to cover the average vetting cost of a dog or cat, but we believe strongly in providing the affordable cost of adoption to families. 

Over 90% of our expenditures was spent directly on animals or the Montgomery County Animal Shelter upkeep as follows - 

Outside Veterinary Care - $171,142
Spay/Neuter - $12,563 (that's over 250 animals)
Boarding/Transport - $4,094
Direct Shelter Support - $ 17,062 (this includes payment for the billboard directly over the shelter at SH 242, Purchase of Advantage Multi, Purchase of Kuranda Beds, upkeep/landscape upgrades, Purchase of canned food for kittens and puppies.
It has been a tough year for Texas Animal Society.

For many reasons unknown to us there are some who continue to chastise, berate, bully and generally spend their time trying to tear down or make insignificant what TAS does. We say to them the numbers speak for themselves. We don't think anyone would have blamed TAS for turning their back on the shelter after we were told we were no longer welcome. But that's not who we are and it's not who you are. We stood together through thick and thin for the animals. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently. The numbers tell the truth of who TAS really is. 

And all we ask of you (because we know you all already give your hearts and souls every single day no matter what) is that you continue to support us. That you continue to scream from the rooftops that what we are doing is important and makes a difference, and that you continue to send your ideas, opinions and needs to us. 
We could have never, ever done this without you. The support of the community, business, fosters, volunteers, coordinators are what is making the difference for the dogs and cats. 
We hope you continue to support TAS and choose us as your donation charity of choice. 

If you are interested in fostering, volunteering, coordinating, fundraising, donating we would love to hear from you. 

Together we are making the difference for the dogs/cats in need of help and assistance. 

Texas Animal Society is who we are and we strive to be the best Rescue, Animal Advocates out here to not only continue helping our local shelter but the others we are helping as well. 

Thank you… Texas Animal Society (formerly and still are Montgomery County Animal Society)

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