Liberty's Road to Recovery

Aug 14 - This weekend, sweet Liberty had a day out to socialize and have some fun after a rough week. She enjoyed friends and lunch on the patio at Goose's Acre Pub, a trip to Petsmart for some new bling, and of course some relaxing in her luxury shopping cart :-) She will be showing off her pretty new collar in our next update. Liberty is such a special girl!! 💕TAS appreciates donations to help with her ongoing medical expenses, #libertyblooms

August 9 - Today Liberty was spayed, and the severely maimed remainder of one of her paws was removed. Her vets had hoped the paw might heal better than it has, but it was causing her a lot of pain, so they decided to amputate. It will make her long-term prognosis better. Here is the report from foster mom.

"We just left seeing baby girl Liberty. Dr. Robinson said that she did great! She's going to stay the night at the vet so they can keep her on fluids. Thank you SO much to everyone for your continued support and prayers!!! We still have a long road ahead of us ! #libertyblooms…

August 3

Liberty had her 6 week check up today! SIX WEEKS!! We have an update from Liberty herself 🙂

"Good news is that Dr. Robinson says my wounds are healing great on my left foot and I'm getting spayed Wednesday! The sad news is my right foot (the one with the toe) isn't healing as he was hoping. So, on Wednesday when I'm getting spayed he's also going to amputate. Good news, I'll be more even on both sides and when it's time for my prosthetic I'll be able to walk easier!"

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TAS and Liberty thank all of her friends and supporters! A special thanks to the staff at Companion Animal Hospital!!

June 22  - Liberty is picked up at the shelter and transported to one of our vet partners for an exam.

June 21 - Liberty was found in Porter, Texas and brought to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter with major injuries to her front legs.  Texas Animal Society takes her into our rescue program.

UPDATE ON LIBERTY!!!  After a preliminary exam the vet thought that the paw deformities were a birth defect, but after further examination, he decided to do X-rays and our worst fears were confirmed.  The deformities are from injuries that occurred possibly less than a month ago.   Her feet were either amputated, she may have been hit by a car and dragged, or she may have chewed her feet after some sort of injury.  He is quite sure this was abuse. Further treatment may involve further amputation and prosthetics and/or a wheelchair.  

Liberty spent the day at the vet's office for a much needed bath and wound care.  She is estimated to be about a year old and extremely under weight.   Her foster mom picked her up this evening and she is heading to a home where she will receive the love and care she so desperately needs.  

We will continue to update you on Liberty's condition throughout her recovery.

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