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Here are some of our financial numbers; Over $143,000 was spent in direct vetting. We partnered with Lone Star Animal Welfare League and Texas Litter Control to provide over 215 spays and neuters (not counting the fosters we had spayed and neutered). Last year we spent 89% of our income directly on animal care. That's a little lower than last year but we had to upgrade our database system and our e-mail system in order to better serve our "clients" both 2 and four legged! That spend will carry us throughout 2017 and I suspect we will be back into 

the mid 90's in 2017. We spent the year reviewing our expenditures and reduced or eliminated anything that was not absolutely necessary or not directly helping the animals. 2016 Highlights - We partnered with several local schools, teaching students about responsible pet ownership and gave out awards for being good community partners. In June we held a Fill Their Bowls promotion. We collected and distributed over 6,000 pounds of dog and cat food to the needy and those who feed homeless dogs and cats. In July we partnered with Lone Star Animal Welfare League and provided 150 spay and neuter vouchers to the local community. In October we partnered with Texas Litter Control in honor of Feral Cat Day and handed out over 65 spay and neuter vouchers for cats. In November we partnered with Warriors Educate About Rescue (W.E.A.R.) and the Houston Fire Department to create a rescue calendar. All of the proceeds will be given to Texas Animal Society for our continuing mission of Rescue Educate Adopt. If you haven't ordered yours yet, there's still time! just go to WEAR's FaceBook page! Every single weekend you all put on the most fabulous adoption events in town! Thank you for your time, commitment and hard work to make these events a success. Personally, I want to say I love working with all of you. I know the rest of the Board feels the same way. We are nothing without your help and support. In order to rescue more animals in 2017 we need your continued help, support and your great ideas to help us continue to save lives and raise money to fund all of our dreams; Finding them all homes! Rescue On!

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