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TAS Featuered Pets

Texas Animal Society takes in many cats and dogs.  Some just need a new home, but others need some extra veterinary care or rehabilitation while in a foster home.  We love them all, they are special and deserve the best care that we can provide.  We will be featuring some of them of here.

Meet ZEKE, a profoundly handsome Blue Nose Pit Bull. 

Zeke was homeless, hungry, abused, defeated and extremely heartworm positive. Luckily, he was found by a Texas Animal Society (TAS) foster that gave him a soft bed, good food and lots of love. After an extensive search to find his people, Zeke became part of the TAS family. Once he started trusting again, he was bathed, nails trimmed and off to the vet he went. Zeke was fully vetted and x-rays were done to show the extent of his heartworms, which had already migrated into his lungs. We were devastated! 😭  The 3 shot fast kill treatment was started, only to end after the first shot. Zeke’s poor body couldn’t handle it and he became very ill. Everyone agreed to move him to the slow kill method. That was okay with his foster family because he was no longer on crate rest and able to run & play with all the pups in his foster home! 🐾💙
Zeke is the most loving dog you’ll meet. He absolutely adores his human and is so willing to please. He wants to be pet or get a belly rub 24/7!  Zeke is shy, timid and confused at new things and/or people but wants to trust and recovers nicely. He is approx 5 years old but a BIG puppy! He plays hard, sleeps hard and drools like a St. Bernard! 🤣  Zeke is unaware of his surroundings, aka…Bull in a China Cabinet…just full speed ahead when he’s in go mode!! He does spend a lot of time relaxing, sunbathing or under the patio fans. Zeke likes a constant temperature of 71, so here in South Texas, he is mostly an inside dog. He loves to chew on bones and carry shoes around but they are never damaged! He truly is a gentle giant!
This love bug will do best in a home with an experienced dog owner that understands Pit Bulls; his size and power. So NO small dogs, NO small children, NO cats and he does best with female dogs. This list could change as he settles into his new home but to start these are the requirements. Zeke is crate trained but does exhibits some separation anxiety. He is leash trained, loads & rides in a car well, has good food manners and is easy to bathe & trim his nails. He knows some basic command and how to fetch, although not perfect at these, he tries. Zeke needs a loving, patient home with people that will spend a LOT of time with him. He will need people that are diligent about administering his monthly heartworm meds to get him free and clear of these deadly parasites. Zeke has never shown any aggression to people or dogs. He is definitely a lover! Zeke will make a loving addition to the right family! ❤️ Will that be you?

Another TAS street rescue is Gideon. He was found as a stray/abandoned dog who was living on church grounds. A long-time TAS foster home was alerted to his plight by her son who had seen Gideon laying by the roadside. The foster started feeding Gideon in the hope of gaining his trust to be able to take him home. But, Gideon was very fearful of humans and a professional trapper was finally called to help. Once captured Gideon was relieved to be safe, and quickly settled into a routine of regular good nutrition and a soft bed. 💕 Gideon gets along well with the other dogs in the family and doesn’t even mind the cats.

Gideon is thought to be a Corgi/Shepherd mix, 37lbs and approximately 18 months old, he is neutered, fully vetted, microchipped and heartworm negative. This sweet guy will make a wonderful, loyal companion to someone who has the time and patience to work slowly with him so he learns to trust. 💞

If you are interested in meeting Gideon, 1355D, please send an email to,

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